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Does your commercial building need new elevator equipment, major elevator repairs or modernization? Dieter Consulting Services, Inc. is ready to provide the most complete recommendations and consulting to protect your interests in the best possible way. We do not install, maintain, repair or modernize elevators; however, our knowledge of all elevator-related codes and standards is extensive. We have customers that have been with us for 25 years and we know what needs to be done as we operate with complete transparency. Dieter Consulting Services, Inc. also provides expert witnesses for court cases, representing either the plaintiff or the defendant. Contact us for more information about superior elevator consulting, or to schedule an appointment.

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Dieter Consulting Services, Inc., located in Spring Hill, FL, provides the highest quality elevator consulting services available. We ensure elevator safety, provide expert witness testimony, evaluate existing elevator maintenance, provide audits and make detailed suggestions for new vertical transportation systems, upgrades, equipment modernizations or system replacements. We offer our services globally and have done work in South America, Central America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.

Robert Dieter, vice president, and founder has provided excellent elevator consulting services for 26 years and has more than 57 years of combined experience in the vertical transportation industry. He spent over 31 years of his elevator career with the largest manufacturer of high-quality elevators in North America. Mr. Dieter is exceptionally familiar with all brands and types of elevator equipment. We provide the solutions you need to make informed decisions about the best products available, improved safe operation, system reliability, and long-term equipment dependability.


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