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Tall Buildings

Elevator Safety Consultants

Safe and secure vertical transportation is essential with the maintenance of elevators and escalators requiring constant vigilance. Dieter Consulting Services, Inc. has a broad scope of knowledge and experience you can trust as an elevator consultant. We also provide expert witness testimony, ensure ADA codes, and measure vertical transportation equipment safety for clients throughout Florida and across the Nation.

Elevator Consulting Services

Get thorough elevator consulting services at your location. We come to you and evaluate the condition of your current elevators and determine how much longer they will function safely. We can make appropriate recommendations for repairs or replacement and will draft a maintenance contract with technical specifications needed for your elevator renovation or modernization to safely maintain your elevator equipment. Our fees are hourly and are determined by the extent of the work.

Expert Witness Services

If you need an expert witness for any court cases involving elevator accidents and injuries, or for contract disputes, you'll find none better than Dieter Consulting Services, Inc. Working on behalf of either the plaintiff or the defendant; we can provide the honest, objective perspective needed. Fees are paid by the hour as the case progresses.


Elevator Safety & Equipment Life Evaluations

Dieter Consulting Services, Inc. is a highly qualified elevator safety consultant completely knowledgeable with all elevator systems, codes, and standards, including all ADA codes. Your elevator systems and vertical equipment should be examined annually by a qualified elevator consultant for safety, performance, and remaining years of service.

Your elevator consultant and elevator inspector should not be the same person, and they do not offer the same services. Fees vary depending upon the extent of the work involved.